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Easily Start & Customize Your VoIP Solutions

VoIP Softswitch

Bluebery softswitch with Billing and Routing with extended functionality, increased stability and professional support directly from the developers.It enables VoIP providers to offer various services.

Calling Card Business

Bluebery Calling Card Solution is the only totally turnkey solution that can be designed to your exact specifications.It enables Calling Card providers to offer various services.

Anti-Blocking Solution

Bluebery offers an Advanced Solution for the Mobile Dialer users living in the countries where the regular VoIP traffic is blocked. Nowadays, Mobile Dialer introduces an anti-block solution so clients from all over the world will be able to use the VoIP software application on their mobile devices.

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Yes, you can add multiple carriers, however, the maximum number of carriers you can have with your Bluebery system is 32.

Yes, a callback provider must support 2-way DTMF. Because there are far fewer Callback providers, callback rates are more expensive than wholesale rates.

Country Code + City Code + Phone Number
If you would like a different dialling format, please contact our technical support team.

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